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Issues with HTTPS

Recently (about a month ago) we have added https to our web server. This was a requirement for the new v2 API, but it also allows us to browse the page securely. You can tell if you are using https … Continue reading

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Experiencing some turbulence

Hi. As you are probably noticing, the site is working intermittently at the moment, with 503 and 504 errors appearing often. We haven’t been able to find the source yet. We’ll update this post as we get a clearer idea … Continue reading

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Essentia extractor now open source

When you click in the “Similar sounds” button of a sound, you receive a list of sounds that are similar according to its acoustic properties. The technology that powers this feature is Essentia, a library developed during several years at … Continue reading

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Email back to normal!

As you may have read in previous posts, email has been quite a nightmare for us during the last few weeks. The problem was triggered by successive changes in the limits of the service we were using, of which we … Continue reading

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Email sloooowly recovering

During the days our server was banned, we accumulated a large pile of unsent email. Yet, in order to avoid being banned again, we have to send these at a very slow rate. Unfortunately during this process some emails have … Continue reading

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Email broken

As many of you have noticed, email from Freesound is currently not working. This means that it is not possible to register, and that emails related with the forum, comments and private messages are not being sent. The problem is … Continue reading

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Planned downtime

Due to some needed operations on the server, we will be closed for maintenance, starting today at 12h GMT+2. Hopefully the down time will last only a few hours. You have been warned!

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Introducing Freesound Radio

Hi there. Freesound radio has now been installed on freesound: The?Freesound Radio is an experimental web-based system I’ve been working on ?at the MTG ?to experiment around collaboration and social interaction in sample based music creations, using freesound as … Continue reading

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