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Introducing Freesound Terms of Use

Hello dear Freesounders! After almost eight years of great sounds and constant growth it has become necessary to define some terms of use for Freesound. These terms are intented to outline the legal aspects of Freesound and to clarify your … Continue reading

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Private message spam…

Hi all, It looks like the private message spammers have really started liking us lately. Almost daily I’m deleting spammers. For now the best is to “report as spam” as soon as you get a spam message: if more than … Continue reading

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Download issues on freesound resolved

A number of people have been encountering problems recently while downloading sounds on freesound. We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused. We have tracked the issue down to a misconfigured router in the freesound network. This fault has … Continue reading

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The new gold standard for freesound descriptions

Hello all, It’s not always easy to describe your sound files, we know. Hoever, we did want to let you know that even we at freesound are impressed at this example of a perfect description. The uploader describes the recording … Continue reading

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