Email back to normal!

As you may have read in previous posts, email has been quite a nightmare for us during the last few weeks. The problem was triggered by successive changes in the limits of the service we were using, of which we had no prior notice. In addition, the university campus where Freesound runs is closed at this particular time in the year, which further limited our ability to react.

We have now started using a specialized service for email, which is working very well. This may not be the final solution, but it will certainly allow us to transition smoothly in any case. We can now tell for sure that our problems are gone, and emails are sent normally. Once more some emails have been lost in the process. If you didn’t receive your activation email, click on resend activation code on the registration page.

So that was it. Enjoy the summer, and happy freesounding!

The Freesound Team

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3 Responses to Email back to normal!

  1. levelpi says:

    Thanks for making it work again!

  2. jasonswe says:

    Phew! Yes, I had hell getting my activation link sent to me, but it is great news that you were able to work things out. I am glad to finally be able to soon take part in sharing recordings. Just picked up a Zoom H4N a couple days ago and just reading up in the manual first. Intend to share whatever I come up with after I got things nailed down operation-wise. Cheers for a great site 🙂

  3. John Sipos says:

    Dear To Whom,

    Candidly confessed, dollars are short, but are there other ways I might help the cause of this project. Apart from being a broadcast journalist, I’m fairly proficient at thinking. 😉 For some years I was corporate marketing director for a good size company here and the joke around the office was ? John’s job is to sit and think. Not imposing myself, but I’m here if promotion of this project would be useful. Thanks.

    John Sipos

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