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Hey! Where did my bandwidth go to??

Bandwidth… Freesound is using around 3 to 5 TeraByte per month these days, being capped at 2 MegaByte/sec. This upper limit is imposed by the university. UPF still runs a 100 mbps network as far as I know, which means … Continue reading

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Freesound 2.0 – A.k.a. Nightingale

So, we have finally succombed to the pressure of web 2.0, we have been tagged, we tagged, we dugg, opened a account and … created a blog for Freesound. Or should I say Nightingale? Well, let’s only use Nightingale … Continue reading

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Freesound – Meet the team.

Who is behind Freesound? Well, less people than you would think! Not all of them are as visible as the others (look who is talking, googling my own name gives me the creeps!), but all of them are an invaluable … Continue reading

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This is the official freesound blog. Lot’s of information will be posted here on freesound “2.0” a.k.a. nightingale development and general freesound things.

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