Experiencing some turbulence

Hi. As you are probably noticing, the site is working intermittently at the moment, with 503 and 504 errors appearing often. We haven’t been able to find the source yet. We’ll update this post as we get a clearer idea by tomorrow morning (CET). Hopefully it should improve in the mean time as traffic slows down ? bear with us!

UPDATE 1: There seems to be a problem with a recent upgrade of the search server. Things seem to work normally again after a restart, but it could still come back?

UPDATE 2: After reconfiguring the search server the worst part seems to be passed. We are still looking at some connection problems. Pages may still take a bit to load some times, but most of the time the site seems to run fine.

UPDATE 3: In the end the most serious problems were not related to the search server, but to some of our database queries. We are still working on that, but in the mean time you may have noticed we have disabled the link to the page for browsing packs. That helped us to put the situation under control. It will be back very soon.

UPDATE 4: The “browse packs” page is back online and optimized so that it does not create problems again.

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12 Responses to Experiencing some turbulence

  1. Moon says:

    Sorry to hear that!

    Not sure if this helps, but the search results seem off as well. The number of sounds it says it found does not match the number of displayed sounds. I just ran a search it and says “18 sounds” but it only displays 9 on the page.

  2. Moon says:

    Nevermind… I see that it lists “9 more results” in some pack. Carry on.

  3. Shou Mooney says:

    Holy crap!! I can’t search anything and my project is due on February!! that’s 2 days from now!

  4. Shou Mooney says:

    This is the worst time to get an error 🙁 I am very stressed now.

  5. Shou Mooney says:

    But I forgive you guys. Good job making the website, though! (not sarcasm)

  6. Nataliya Hines says:

    I’m trying to set up an account. Do these technical difficulties affect the registration process?

  7. Shou Mooney says:

    Yeah. the error 504 or 503 can’t complete the request or something.But it works now.

  8. Evan says:

    The Captcha fields are not showing up on the new user Registration or Contact Us pages, so I can’t prove I’m not a robot when signing up!

    Hope you can fix this soon!

  9. Evan says:

    To add to my above comment, the bug occurs in Chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 on Mac, but not in Safari.

  10. GillianIvy says:

    Hi, I had attempted to register for your site, however the CAPTCHA would not display, so I could not prove I am not a robot.

  11. Ellen Moller says:

    Hi. I try to make a registration as a new user of this site; I am asked to “prove that I am not a robot” but I don’t see, what I should do or write, it doesn’t say that. Hope you can help me.

  12. Honey Willis says:

    Hi im trying to register to freesound.org but the CAPTCHA is not showing up. I can’t even contact the site because it requires that too 🙁 Please fix thank you!

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