Essentia extractor now open source

When you click in the “Similar sounds” button of a sound, you receive a list of sounds that are similar according to its acoustic properties. The technology that powers this feature is Essentia, a library developed during several years at the Music Technology Group of UPF, where we host and support Freesound. The descriptors computed by Essentia are also available through the Freesound API.
Essentia was recently released as an open source library, and consequently the program in Freesound that uses it is now also open source. This means that anyone can see how it works, and use this technology for open source projects (the library can also be licensed for closed source projects upon request). One interesting consequence is that you can now compute the same descriptors that Freesound uses for any sound, and, using the API, search for similar sounds from Freesound. Play a note and get sounds with the same pitch, or the same timbre, imitate sounds with your mouth… you name it, we await for your hacks!

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