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Welcome to Freesound 2!

Dear Freesounders, For more than a year now we’ve been promising you an upgrade of freesound. Dates got shifted into the future, things took (much) longer than expected, … About half a year ago everything shifted into higher gear when … Continue reading

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Looking for designers / css / html people

Hello everyone, for freesound2 we are looking for more designers/css/html people. If you feel like helping out (for free!), please let me know as soon as possible… – bram

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Congratulations freesound!! We have just reached 100,000 sounds!!!!! 🙂

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freesound 2 API

Hello everyone, A small note that the first (alpha!) version of the freesound 2 API has been released. If you are a developer and would like to use freesound for fun sound experiments, give it a spin: Note that … Continue reading

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Freesound donation withdrawal blocked by paypal…

When you read a post about paypal freezing 600,000??for the MineCraft developer?on his blog?you think, “oooh bad luck”! And then it happens to freesound too. We have about 4000??in our paypal account and now paypal doesn’t believe we are a … Continue reading

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Umbrella Adventure

David Smithson from Hive writes to tell me about the usage of freesound sounds in Umbrella Adventure Umbrella Adventure is an entirely hand-drawn exploration adventure game, which takes place in a huge forest full of platforming challenges, enemies and puzzles. … Continue reading

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Digit?pia Competitions 2010

The guys at Casa da M?sica in Portugal are running a competition which involves and yours truly as a judge. Have a look! Enter! Win a midi controller!! The first Digit?pia Miniatures Competition took place in 2008. The aim … Continue reading

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Zorg and Andy

Guy Davis, creator of the indie movie?Zorg and Andy?writes to tell us about his usage of sounds from Freesound. Not only that, but he offers us a nice reduction price for people who want to buy the dvd! Read on … Continue reading

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Final logo for freesound 2

With the help of pixelshell and oneDotOnly, we finalized the freesound 2 / nightingale logo yesterday: For other versions of the logo, check these urls: adobe illustrator:? pdf: adobe photoshop: small png (needs tweaking): large png … Continue reading

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Follow Freesound 2 development on twitter

Hello all, you can now follow freesound 2 development on twitter, just follow the user freesounddev: If you’re not a developer you might not understand everything, as there are so called “commit messages”, but you might see things flying … Continue reading

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