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Source code moved back to Github

Hello everyone! As some of you will know Freesound is an open source project and the source code is released under the?Affero General Public License 3.0?license. This post is to inform those interested that we have moved our public repository … Continue reading

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The Sound Catcher

Where do good sounds come from and who makes them and how are they recorded? Questions we thought we should ask a professional in field recording: F?lix Blume, sound engineer for documentary films and Freesounder. Here is the full interview. … Continue reading

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Follow Freesound 2 development on twitter

Hello all, you can now follow freesound 2 development on twitter, just follow the user freesounddev: If you’re not a developer you might not understand everything, as there are so called “commit messages”, but you might see things flying … Continue reading

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Freesound iphone/ipod touch application!

Hello all, Eric from nibblesoft wrote me a while back that he was working on a freesound application for the iphone / ipod touch. We’re quite happy with the pplication, it’s fun to see the first custom application on a … Continue reading

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Github and Lighthouse.

Quite happy with the switch from subversion to git, and quite happy with github. One of the big advantages of all the new “do one thing good” websites is that they, well, do one thing very good. So, looking for … Continue reading

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From subversion to git.

Following the overall exodus where people change from using subversion to git, we -much like lemmings- could not stay far behind. All source code for freesound “2.0” a.k.a. nightingale can now be found over at github: Update your links!

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Meet Chiapas, the new database server.

Meet chiapas: HP Proliant DL360 G5 Processor: Xeon Quad Core E5440 Memory: 14 GB RAM Dual ethernet Dual power supply Redundant ventilation system Hard drives: 3 x 15000RPM, 72GB, SAS Price: 4.797,42? Chiapas is now happily running the database. … Continue reading

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Slow, slower, slowest…

Hello all, We know, freesound has been getting slower these days. But, help is along the way. Next week we will start initial testing of our brand new shining database server ( more about that later!). For those who like … Continue reading

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Testing Solr…

After looking around for a search engine for Nightingale, and comparing features between all the various ones (from using tsearch2 on postgres to Sphinx to Solr to …) I’ve settled on Solr. Configuring and running Solr was (much) easier than … Continue reading

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Last week I decided that for nightingale we need a new wav2png, and preferably one written in python, using the awesome python image library. After talking a bit to Ricard it was clear that using numpy and audiolab it would … Continue reading

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