Congratulations freesound!! We have just reached 100,000 sounds!!!!! 🙂

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10 Responses to 100,000

  1. Dobroide says:

    damm… I intended to upload a bunch yesterday to hit the 100 000 but I forgot

  2. qubodup says:

    which one is #100000?

  3. Film Finance says:

    Congratulations on the milestone. Which sound is the 100,000th?

  4. pax11 says:

    This page is such a unique adventure !
    May it live forever !!!

  5. Tomlija says:

    Congratulations, moderators!
    Congratulations, freesound.org!
    May this site become the audio version of flickr!
    My donation is on its way!


  6. Dstruct says:


    Why not displaying the total number of samples somewhere on the main page?

  7. Holy crap! 100K?!?! Could I just have a TENTH of that?


  8. Dstruct says:

    Sorry, my fault. It’s already visible on the main page …

  9. Barry Walker says:

    Congrats FreeSound! I’m glad i contributed 🙂

  10. Chrostof says:

    I have been a member, downloader and contributor to this site for many years, and I just think its wonderful that there is a place for all sound nerds to come and share their weird and wonderful sounds

    Long may it reign 🙂

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