Welcome to Freesound 2!

Dear Freesounders,

For more than a year now we’ve been promising you an upgrade of
freesound. Dates got shifted into the future, things took (much)
longer than expected, … About half a year ago everything shifted
into higher gear when the team of Vincent, Gerard, Frederic,
Stelios and Jordi started getting involved deeply in freesound code.

Stuff starting whizzing along, more work was done than ever on
freesound “2” or “nightingale”, or now just… freesound.org again. So
many things were rebuilt, reenvisioned and reimplemented that it would
be rather useless to try to list them all. But let it be clear that we
started from zero: the old -and relatively broken- codebase was
replaced by a bright shiny new one, based on the great django

We know the new site creates emotional responses as you have been
working so closely with the old one. For us it’s such a big change
which will let freesound “breathe” again.

Hopefully this new freesound site will serve us for many years to
come. For us (the people behind the scenes) the biggest advantage to
this new site is probably the maintainability: it will be so much
easier to adapt the code, add new features, fix bugs…

Talking about bugs: feel free to post bugs in this forum or via the
contact form.

Thanks for waiting and special thanks to the beta testers!


– The Proud Freesound team (Bram, Gerard, Vincent, Jordi, Frederic,
Stelios and Xavier)

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