Freesound donation withdrawal blocked by paypal…

When you read a post about paypal freezing 600,000??for the MineCraft developer?on his blog?you think, “oooh bad luck”! And then it happens to freesound too. We have about 4000??in our paypal account and now paypal doesn’t believe we are a non-profit organisation. This means that people can keep adding money to the account, but we can’t withdraw. The first fax (fax!! how retro…) we sent to them got processed, but when we got even more questions and answered by fax again no reply came. We tried again, no luck. This is rather annoying… We will try again via the “resolution center” at paypal (which is slow and buggy) but…Update: everything was resolved and we got our money – it took a long time, but …!

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7 Responses to Freesound donation withdrawal blocked by paypal…

  1. nemodaedalus says:

    I heard they’re really slow when it comes to solving problems. 🙁

  2. Ann Onymouse says:

    How did it go?

  3. bdejong says:

    in the end (about 2 weeks after this) we got them to release our funds…

    – bram

  4. Ryan Terell says:

    This is garbage. My only interactions with paypal have been like this. I transferred goods online, and someone paid me $300 for my product, then the person claimed they never received it.. and there goes my hard work and my money. Good luck sirs.

  5. bdejong says:

    In the end all was resolved and we got the money. Hurray!!

  6. Eggtimer says:

    I think there could be a post about Minecraft using freesound sounds by the way…we can be proud that such a good running game uses a lot of sounds from here. Or would it draw too much attention?

  7. Lorenzo says:

    Talking of Minecraft it looks like their attribution links are now broken.

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