Looking for designers / css / html people

Hello everyone,

for freesound2 we are looking for more designers/css/html people. If you feel like helping out (for free!), please let me know as soon as possible…

– bram

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  1. nftaDaedalus says:

    Sure, I can help out. What you need?

  2. qubodup says:

    I’m a html/css guy. I designed http://freegamer.blogspot.com and http://forum.freegamedev.net (based on default phpbb skin).

    If I can help make fs2 come sooner, I’d gladly do so.


    If this is an april fool’s then I’m confused. 🙂

  3. TECHNO GUY says:

    Hi! I could help only if you tell me how to make samples! Thanks

  4. theKDL says:

    hello, I’m an amateur web designer ( http://kallel.pcriot.com/ , styles: rvzt.net : alternative style: Modern Life, and a contributor to Re-Volt Live’s alternative styles). If there is anything I can help with, please contact me.

  5. Robbero says:

    Hi. I have my wap page (url posted) and here web http://waplius.hotbox.lt/web/index.html

    I can help you 4 free. Just email to me what you need.

  6. Jared Handly says:

    I would love to help. I know html and css. if you have anything for me, contact me at


  7. Lucas Dechow says:

    Contact me if you want help ill definietly help out 🙂

  8. Joey Danger says:

    Hey i would love to help! Here is some work on my website: Joey Danger Productions

    Here is the last site i finished : EECE

    Some of my graphic work can also be seen here: Scion Pro

  9. Finn says:

    I could help out a bit. I’m a professional HTML CSS designer.

  10. D says:

    graphic designer here.
    happy to do my part, let me know how.

  11. qubodup says:

    Please no non-commercial license. It will only encourage copyright infringements like resampling sounds from proprietary games and movies under the pretend-legal-safety of non-commercial/fair use.

  12. SirG says:

    I’m a prof. web dev css/xhtml/jquery/php give me a hoy if your still looking for a hand. G.

  13. John Lockett says:

    Hi! I’m a freelance web developer. I would love to help

  14. I am an amateur UI/graphic designer and programmer.

    I am proficient with HTML and CSS, and I make an effort to exercise good practice and conform to modern standards.

    wait, this was posted in april? where have i been?

  15. James Womack says:

    If you are looking to release an iOS application I can take care of that for you

  16. I’m a web guy and been a freesound user for a while..in my final year of uni, pretty busy over the next 2 months, but i can help out here and there, even if it’s just small.. bit of pro-bono never hurt anyone 🙂

    You can find my contact details thru my site.

  17. Oskar says:

    I’m a graphic designer (refer to http://www.cupoftee.se/media) and frequent freesound-user. I don’t do html/css-programming myself but I’m used to working with them with designs. I’d love to help – just send a mail and let me know what I can do – headers, banners, logos, backgrounds – you name it.

  18. Just joined your group. You my brothers are quite amazing. A breath of fresh air to our industry that, until now had seemed to all but die out.

    I am the Production Director of a 6-station cluster, and will use and contribute to this impressive database.

    I am also an independant HD Video Producer. Most web page owners now realize the huge benefit of video on a web site. If I can assist my new cohorts in that capacity, Bram… just speak up.

  19. Carlos Silva says:

    I am a Portuguese electrical engineer, but with enough knowledge of programming (including html, etc), and i want to know i can i help the project.
    Contact me

  20. Hi,
    I would love to help. (php.Net,Html,css ,javascript,Ajax,etc)

  21. Lennart says:

    Hey Guys

    I?m a german Student who is very interested in produced music like drum?n?bass/dubstep/chillout/trance/minimal/and many more

    I worked with Gimp (the best GNU licensed Graphic program besides Blender in my opinion) since 3.5 years and would be proud to help you for your program

    Please feel free to leave me a message if you still need a designer with passion 😉

  22. Ben says:

    Let me help? Email me for recent work. Thanks

  23. Hello I am interested in helping,
    I created http://www.thosethreeppls.webs.com . I edit all the videos for the3pplsproductions. http://www.youtube.com/the3pplsproductions

  24. Toby says:

    I’m still learning, but I would gladly help out. I can’t work very long because I’m currently developing an app.

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