Final logo for freesound 2

With the help of pixelshell and oneDotOnly, we finalized the freesound 2 / nightingale logo yesterday:

For other versions of the logo, check these urls:

The PNG version were made by me and still need tweaking to get the best result. The designers will make new PNG versions especially for web-use.

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5 Responses to Final logo for freesound 2

  1. Ehrmz says:

    What!? and not even SVG or XCF format?

  2. eric says:

    Thanks so much for posting these, I’ve been looking for a high-rez version of your logo for awhile. I had a question for you regarding the terms of use of this logo – i’ve recently completed a movie and had a large section of the credits dedicated to all the listings – am I legally able to use this freesound logo in the credits as well?

  3. bdejong says:

    go right ahead, eric!

    sorry if the logo doesn’t have a license attached to it yet!

    – bram

  4. Marina says:

    Beautiful logo!

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