Meet Chiapas, the new database server.

Meet chiapas:

HP Proliant DL360 G5
Processor: Xeon Quad Core E5440
Memory: 14 GB RAM
Dual ethernet
Dual power supply
Redundant ventilation system
Hard drives: 3 x 15000RPM, 72GB, SAS
Price: 4.797,42?

Chiapas is now happily running the database. It wouldn’t have been possbile to start using this machine without the help of Letusa ( ). They kindly sponsored the aquisition of this machine and of another, even pricier one I will introduce once we start using it.

The previous server was completely out of breath when we installed this machine. This one is keeping up just fine:

As you can see for yourself, has become snappy again and quickly responds to all your requests. Hurray for big, bad server machines! Oh and here’s one for people with hardware fetishes:


Chiapas on the left, Mystery Machine on the right.

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2 Responses to Meet Chiapas, the new database server.

  1. nemoDaedalus says:

    Sweet! The site does feel so much smoother, especially visiting the forums. Sometimes could take more than a minute to simply load the forum front page, now is so fast.

  2. dobroide says:

    ugly boy with a nice name 🙂

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