Freesound iphone/ipod touch application!

Hello all,

Eric from nibblesoft wrote me a while back that he was working on a freesound application for the iphone / ipod touch. We’re quite happy with the pplication, it’s fun to see the first custom application on a handheld device! Have a look at the page on nibblesoft’s website, or alternatively, go directly to the itunes store. The application isn’t free, but Eric has promised us that he will donate part of the income to Freesound, which makes us very happy!

Some information about the app… Features Include:

  • Search and listen to sounds.
  • Request any sound to be emailed to you as a ringtone.
  • Record your own sounds and submit recordings to over WiFi.
  • “Loop” sounds during playback.
  • Rate a sound.
  • Email a link to a sound.
  • Over 150 sounds come “pre-marked” as favorites.
  • Search your favorites list or recordings list.

Here are some screenshots:

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7 Responses to Freesound iphone/ipod touch application!

  1. plaga says:

    Rawr! 😀

  2. Man, this looks great. I really hope that it comes to Android.

  3. JillSaphic says:

    very nicely done!
    can’t wait untill I acquire the appropriate phone…

  4. Rainer says:

    Err- use all sounds as ringtones ? What about the attribution ? How does that comply with the sampling+ license ? Can I use the sounds in my app now, too ?

  5. bdejong says:

    In a ringtone I would say the attribution should be: “hey what a cool ringtone!” > “sure, it;s for a guy called XYZ on freesound”

    Attribution needs to be in a way “compatible with the medium the sound is used in”. Ringtones are a very “personal” usage of the sounds as long as you aren’t making money with it.

  6. Rainer says:

    Well, the software isn’t for free, and even a donation to freesound makes it a good deal for freesound, too. So nobody else can include the sounds in a similar way except this app and There really is a need for a ‘public domain’ flag for each sound. One just can’t undermine legal documents/licenses by arguments of common sense.

  7. Maarten Otto says:

    Installed the App to my iPhone and love it. I still have to make test recordings and send them to freesound to see if I can live with the results.

    The next good feature would be no time limit. I have several sounds which take longer then 90 seconds. I can even whach complete movies via 3G and my carrier allows it, so why is there a limit on the app? This is something which needs improvement.

    But I am pleased with the app as it is right now.

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