Slow, slower, slowest…

Hello all,

We know, freesound has been getting slower these days. But, help is along the way. Next week we will start initial testing of our brand new shining database server ( more about that later!). For those who like little graphics to spice up their daily lives, how about these. They represent the “server load” (how much the server is suffering) in the last year:

Our web server, doing relatively well:

Our poor database server, slowly but very surely drowning:

You don’t need to be a genius to tell that that line is going up too fast for our own good. There’s just too many of you who want to use Freesound! Of course all of these problems will be solved with Freesound 2 a.k.a. Nightingale, but… we’re still heavy at work there. For now, switching to a new, shiny, 4 core, 14GB RAM machine will probably help. Again, more about those later! 😉

Your host for tonight,

– Bram

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  1. DrNI says:

    Both link are pointing to the same page, I’m afraid.

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