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Nightingale possible design

Go over to and help us decide which logo to choose, and comment on a possible new design!

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Dobroide and Reinsamb(r)a at National Geographic

Freesounder and pro sound designer Ron Sunsinger wrote me yesterday. He has used sounds from Dobroide and Reinsamba on the national geographic episode Man Made – Hi Tech Museum. And -like the license requires- both are credited. The episode aired … Continue reading

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Freesound teams up with Happy New Ears

A while ago Laura from Happy New Ears/Sonokids contacted me to see if we were interested in working together with them. Happy New Ears is a “new music” (lot’s of experimental things going on) festival in Kortrijk/Belgium. She has proposed … Continue reading

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Prix Ars Electronica and Sons de Barcelona

We had known for a while, but were sworn to secrecy (queue spy music). Now that it’s out we can say it as well: we got an honorary mention at the very prestigious Prix Ars Electronica 2008! Our friends over … Continue reading

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After 3 years of using the rather long and confusing “” URL, we have finally convinced ourselves and the university that we needed a new domain. Starting effectively now, The Freesound Project get’s a new url: (We will also … Continue reading

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Freesound seeks designer(s).

Would you like to help build Freesound 2.0 a.k.a. nightingale? Do you have plenty of experience with making design for web and pouring that design into clean, validating xhtml and css? Do you like the idea of having a link … Continue reading

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Testing Solr…

After looking around for a search engine for Nightingale, and comparing features between all the various ones (from using tsearch2 on postgres to Sphinx to Solr to …) I’ve settled on Solr. Configuring and running Solr was (much) easier than … Continue reading

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Last week I decided that for nightingale we need a new wav2png, and preferably one written in python, using the awesome python image library. After talking a bit to Ricard it was clear that using numpy and audiolab it would … Continue reading

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Freesound talk and workshop at the Jornadas de Conocimiento Libre

On the 15th and 16th of April Jaume Ferrete and me will be giving a talk and workshop on Freesound at the Jornadas de Conocimiento Libre (“days of free/libre knowledge”) in Madrid, Spain. In the talk (in Spanish) we will … Continue reading

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Hey! Where did my bandwidth go to??

Bandwidth… Freesound is using around 3 to 5 TeraByte per month these days, being capped at 2 MegaByte/sec. This upper limit is imposed by the university. UPF still runs a 100 mbps network as far as I know, which means … Continue reading

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