Freesound talk and workshop at the Jornadas de Conocimiento Libre

On the 15th and 16th of April Jaume Ferrete and me will be giving a talk and workshop on Freesound at the Jornadas de Conocimiento Libre (“days of free/libre knowledge”) in Madrid, Spain. In the talk (in Spanish) we will give an overview of Freesound, it’s history, growth and some rather interesting examples of how Freesound has affected various lives all around the world. The workshop (?Sonic micronarratives; identity in FreeSound?, in English) will evolve around how recording sounds – like taking pictures – is a brief view into the personal world of the recorder an how this micro-vision – as opposed to the controlled macro-vision called TV – is currently shaping the internet and our lives.

If you live near Madrid, come join us!

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