Dobroide and Reinsamb(r)a at National Geographic

Freesounder and pro sound designer Ron Sunsinger wrote me yesterday. He has used sounds from Dobroide and Reinsamba on the national geographic episode Man Made – Hi Tech Museum. And -like the license requires- both are credited. The episode aired in August and may air again soon! So keep an eye on the N. G. tv!

Row writes: “Here is a shot from my digital camera of my screen for the credit. Its a nice one, freesound has the first credit when the film is over [snip]. You can look on Nat Geo TV network site under Man Made for credits, but they take a while to get them up on the website.”

national geographic

Pity they got Reinsamba’s name wrong, but I’m sure he won’t mind 🙂

Special thanks to Ron for sending this in!

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