Freesound seeks designer(s).

  • Would you like to help build Freesound 2.0 a.k.a. nightingale?
  • Do you have plenty of experience with making design for web and pouring that design into clean, validating xhtml and css?
  • Do you like the idea of having a link to your company or website on every page of freesound, visited by over 20000 unique people per day?
  • Do you have a visible online portfolio?
  • Are you able to do this for free (or almost for free)?

If you answered yes to these questions, contact me at bdejong@domain [where domain is] with subject: “I want to help with the freesound design!”

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  1. jobob Arikan says:

    Say Bram,
    Here is an idea,
    Enlist a contest on Deviant Art for your design needs.
    Many outfits partner with Deviant Art in this manner,
    I use Deviant Art for the bulk of my work.
    a number of Freesounders are also DA members–

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