Sounds of Science

In the frame of the Campus Gutenberg event, organized by the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona), there is an open call for recording sounds related to science and upload them to Freesound.

How do you think science may sound? chemistry, mathematics, biology?

The challenge is to collect as much sounds as possible in order to be played in public on September 18th ,2012 during the Campus Gutenberg event.

To participate just have to record a sound that represents any scientific discipline and use the following tags:

Tag 1: Campus-Gutenberg

Tag 2: choose one of the following:


Tag 3: a tag that describe your sound

The deadline for uploading sound is August 26th

Campus Gutenberg is an open and free activity that will take place on the 17 and 18 of September at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Find all the information:



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5 Responses to Sounds of Science

  1. Paul says:

    Hey, I think the sites registration system is broken. I’ve been trying to register since saturday.. using various emails and resending and resending activation codes. I still haven’t received one email for any of my registrations or activations. Emailed you guys twice about it and no reply either. Have been checking the SPAM folders too.. Hopefully you guys can get back to my email? Need to use this site for school projects…

  2. Daniel Dean Torrez says:

    ‘Having the same problem as Paul. This site would be an incredible resource and I’m really itching to use it! I’m sure you’re already aware of the problem with the registration system but I thought I’d throw my voice in just in case it hasn’t come to your attention yet.

  3. frederic.font says:

    Hi Paul,

    as we have explained in the previous posts, our emails have been in trouble and are still recovering right now. Although you’ll probably receive the account activation emails in the following days, some of these might have been lost in the deepness of the internet.
    We kindly ask you to wait for a few days and if you do not receive any email try to register again.

    Thank you all for your patience,
    Yours sincerely,

    the Freesound team

  4. The same problem here 🙁 I registered yesterday night and I haven’t received the confirmation email.

  5. DrNI says:

    And what about the humanities? Which tag to use for that?

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