New feature: Spam reports

Hello everyone,

some months ago we introduced a new anti-spam measure to reduce the amount of spam in the forums. This has been working quite well, but we are aware that there is still spam out there and we have been advised that spam is still being sent through private messages.

For that reason, we introduced a new feature that allows the Freesound community to collaboratively help removing spam. You’ll now be able to report sound comments, forum posts or private messages as being spam. We’ll keep track of these reports, and manually “check” these users whose comments, posts and messages have repeatedly being marked as spam.

That is all for the moment!
Keep on freesounding!

the Freesound team

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4 Responses to New feature: Spam reports

  1. Jordan Mills says:

    I’m trying to post in the forum and I’m getting the “pending post” message.
    I’m not spam!
    I put a piece together for Dare 15 and have credits and everything.
    When can I post?

  2. Jordan Mills says:

    why can’t I post?
    i’m trying to post on the Dare 15 page in the forums and keep getting the, “post pending” message.
    when can I post?

  3. Andrew Manister says:

    If I put a link in the sound-post, to the film that I used the sound in – to give it context -, does this count as spam?

  4. SEO Services says:

    Actually I am new to this field but love to leave comments on forums and blogs and I didn?t feel in leaving any link or giving any useful information to users according to their needs.
    So, actually why I am a spam and without giving any link it will be a genuine comment?

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