Community update March 2018

Dear Freesounders,

Here is our monthly list of things happening in the Freesound dev world. Again, most of the deployed things are rather small improvements:

  • Updates in the moderation interface and in the “sounds pending moderation” page.
  • Disallow use of symbol @ in new usernames.
  • In the browse by geotags page tag filters are now case-insensitive (e.g. shows the same as
  • Treat email addresses as case-insensitive.
  • Improvements in the API documentation.
  • Internal improvements (quite important!) in the way we store downloads information.
  • Other minor bugfixes and optimizations.

Let’s see if by next month we can release one of the big new features that we are developing in parallel to all of the smaller changes and the development of the new frontend 😉 This one coming will hopefully make uploaders very happy! Stay tuned for the next post…

The Freesound Team

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3 Responses to Community update March 2018

  1. Ralph Greenwood says:

    To the FreeSound Team,
    Thank You very much for the update. I enjoy very much and I use sounds from freesound on my YouTube Channel. I always leave credits either in the video or in the description.
    I have a sound recorder and I am going to be uploading some sounds of my own.
    Please keep me posted!
    Ralph Greenwood

  2. Joseph says:

    Thank you! Amazing site, I have used for a few years now. Brilliant! ?

  3. Svenn Sound says:

    My favourite source for sounds. Use them for plays and both live theatre and radio plays. I love the interface and the fact my computer is not being attacked. Adding a few foeld recorded sound too.

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