Freesound Labs

Dear freesounders,

we are happy to announce that we’ve just launched?a new Freesound-side site called Freesound Labs.?Freesound Labs is a directory of projects, hacks, apps, research and other initiatives that use content from Freesound or use the Freesound API. Our aim is to keep on updating this directory as we come across more and more Freesound powered projects. If you know of projects that should be listed in this?directory and are not there, please let us know 😉

We hope that you enjoy navigating Freesound Labs?and getting to know what amazing things people are doing with?content from Freesound. In?the end, all this is possible thanks?to all of your contributed sounds, so you can feel proud of it 🙂





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2 Responses to Freesound Labs

  1. peter degraaf says:

    good side,great !!!

  2. santiago says:

    Nice place.

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