Introducing the Modular Samples library

Hi everyone,

We’re glad to announce that we’re in the process of uploading around 70GB of analog synthesizer samples to Freesound*, aka the Modular Samples library, consisting of 40,000 samples organised?in 461 packs, recorded from 20 different analog synthesizers and released with the CC0 license !

All sounds are tagged with instrument names, note names, midi note numbers?and, when available, different velocity layers. Check them out at?

All this has been possible thanks to the incredible efforts of?Richard Taylor, who has been creating this library for?many years and has now kindly offered it to us to upload to Freesound. Make sure to check the Modular Samples library’s?official page, facebook?and?soundcloud?profiles. Thanks Richard!



*?At the time of this writing we have only uploaded around 10% of the whole library, you can expect the?upload process to continue?during the following days…

UPDATE 10/7/2015: The?Modular Samples?library?has been now completely uploaded!


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4 Responses to Introducing the Modular Samples library

  1. Matin says:

    hi Folks

    this is really great!!
    thanks for this contribution to the public
    Sound Archive!

  2. This is amazing, thanks guys!

  3. aerror says:

    awesome.. a big thank to richard taylor and of course to you, freesound <3

  4. Greg Kennedy says:

    Incredible. Thanks to Richard Taylor for the recordings and Freesound for hosting.

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