The Audio Commons Initiative

Dear Freesounders,

It’s been a while since our last post, but as always we’ve been busy working on many Freesoundish things. This time, we’d like to let you know about the new?Audio Commons initiative!

During the last year we’ve been working together with two other research institutions (Queen Mary University of London and University of Surrey) and three?companies (Jamendo, Audiogaming and Waves), to prepare a project proposal for one of the funding lines of?the European Commission (Horizon 2020 programme). The project we proposed is to support that?Audio Commons initiative, and the good news is that we have been granted the funding! This means that we will start now working in this project together with the aforementioned research institutions and companies and with the aim of attracting more people in our way.

But, “what is Audio Commons all about and why are you explaining all of this to us”? Well, the objective of the Audio Commons initiative is to promote and facilitate the reuse of Creative Commons audio content in production environments. This includes the development of new technologies for annotating and organising sound samples and music pieces, the development of technologies to?support easy?licensing procedures?of CC audio content, and the development of tools to allow easy access to CC audio content within existing production environments?such as a DAWs or video editors.?Freesound is playing a big role in this initiative?as, together with?Jamendo, we will be the first repository of CC audio content to be part of the initiative. You’ll find more detailed information in the Audio Commons web site:

We’re very excited to?start this new initiative and to work on all the challenges that it poses. We sincerely think that the Audio Commons initiative and Freesound can be greatly?beneficial to each other, and expect that the?outcomes of this symbiosis will also be very valuable?and useful to the whole Freesound community. That’s all for now, we’ll keep you informed!




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  1. dobroide says:

    Great initiative! Thank you for informing us, and for all the good work you are doing.

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