The Sound Museum

What if there was a place where sounds could be stored for future generations, like objects in a museum?
Wait a minute… There is such a place: Freesound!

I could ramble on and on about this but I won’t. Please read the posts instead. Main post here for ‘rules’ and posting links to samples uploaded:
(please read the bit about tags and tag your samples accordingly!)

Also here, if you want to discuss / comment:

So Freesounders, I dare you to search high and low (attics and basements, garages, museums and old shops…).
Another important point… your school or university may have a considerable amount of old, outdated, obsolete equipment stored away… You might be surprised of what you might discover and be allowed to record if you speak to some of your teachers…

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  1. JUAN manuel says:


  2. jeff luminarc says:

    hello sound like its a interesting site . thanks

  3. jeff luminarc says:

    hello most interested to join that site

  4. jeff luminarc says:

    hello most interested to join this site thanks

  5. jeff luminarc says:

    so what i wish now lol

  6. jeff luminarc says:

    what am doing

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