Freesound Hacks at Music Hack Day (S?nar Festival 2012, Barcelona)

Last week took place the Music Hack Day in the context of the S?nar Festival in Barcelona. The Freesound team was present and showing some new functionalities we have been implementing for our API (check the developers page if you want to learn more about that!). It was a big success, and a lot of hackers used the Freesound API to create amazing new applications! Furthermore, the Freesound Team won nothing less that four awards (given by The Echonest,?Reactable Systems?and?Zvooq) for our hacks!

You can read more about all the hacks done in the Music Hack Day wiki. Here it goes a summary of those hacks related to Freesound:

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4 Responses to Freesound Hacks at Music Hack Day (S?nar Festival 2012, Barcelona)

  1. Barry says:

    your cool

  2. mk says:

    their cool

  3. Antonio Diaz says:

    Me agradaria poder tener estos efectos de sonido

  4. Gary says:

    Why is it impossible to register on every time I try to register no matter what email address I use I never receive an activation email.

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