Sons de Barcelona (Sounds of Barcelona) wins one of the EngageU awards

We are very happy to announce that the project Sons de Barcelona (Sounds of Barcelona) has been selected as one of the winners of the ?EngageU awards?, a European competition looking for best innovations in university outreach and public engagement, for which we asked for your votes some weeks ago. So, thanks for sopporting the project!

Sons de Barcelona is an educational initiative around Freesound, running workshops in schools to foster interest in music technologies among the students community by using the Freesound ideas and technologies.

The award will help to keep improving the current activity of Sons de Barcelona and to start working on a new project dedicated to the sounds of multicultural communities within Barcelona.

More information about the awards:


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4 Responses to Sons de Barcelona (Sounds of Barcelona) wins one of the EngageU awards

  1. klankbeeld says:


  2. Noeleen says:

    Hey, You just HAVE to know how much I appreciate your service. I have two blogs – the one of the address above (a first draft of a novel, sometimes I read a chapter & therefore need background music) & (a video diary – all video! – me getting off the grog).

    What I want to say is you have a CHOICE, ABSOLUTELY CHOICE artist here, called Horison, & he let me use his music in my latest vid – . He freely let me use his BRILLIANT song, and it’s all thanks to freesound here. EVERY time I use someone’s stuff from here – even just a kookaburra’s call once – I always mention free You totally deserve it.

    Love yez!

  3. mike says:

    hi i woled like sound for free for my video

  4. mike says:

    hi i need sound afccts for free.

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