Looking for: movie/video work using freesound (with correct credits)

Hello all,

On the 23rd of March I will be talking at the?International Film Forum?in?Udine-Gorizia, Italy. My talk will be about freesound in general and its usage in Film/Video. I’m looking for additional examples of correctly credited Freesound usage in film and video.

Have you ever had your sounds used in a video (with credits)? Have you ever used Freesound sounds in a video production (with credits)? Please let me know with as many details as you can, below. If you have screenshots of the credits, that would be great too…

[EDIT] If you want to help: please send me screenshots and perhaps a small quote about your freesound usage: i.e. something that explains very shortly how you used freesound, what your experience with it was and maybe tell us if crediting was problematic or not. You can send this directly to me at support @ gro.dnuoseerf (reverse this last bit, but I’m sure you can guess it 😉 )

thanks a lot,

– Bram

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  1. Paul Wilkie says:

    My latest track “Holy Hand Grenade” available only for free download has one of your artists recordings in it, gelo_papas.

    I have stated in the description:
    Church Choir Recorded with Zoom H2 in Montreal’s Chiesa della Diffesa by freesound.org artist: gelo_papas

  2. bdejong says:

    Paul, I’m looking expplicitly for video/movie work, not audio tracks…

  3. Well, our project TAGAP 2: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins 2 was a video-game, thus being only half-video, but considering all the cut-scenes in between levels I guess you could count that. I can post you the sound credits list if you wish (list is also featured in the game under ‘Help-> Credits’ and in the end credits roll).

    Almost all foley and ambient sounds in the game originated from FreeSounds.org.

  4. Tom Gallagher says:

    i’m working on a webseries at the moment and episode 3 has alot of sound effects from freesound

    its not released yet but should be by saturday evening. Will that do?

  5. Jeff Carter says:

    my brother and I made a zombie movie for kids last summer and we used quite a few sounds from the Freesound Project.

    This Accursed Melody

  6. Brad Hebert says:

    I used quiet a few Freesound files in an independent feature, and credited each by username. The film hasn’t completed distribution yet, but I’ll try to get a screen shot of the credit soon.

  7. Jack Monahan says:

    I rewatched Children of Men the other night, and it’s still a brilliant film–but imagine my surprise when waiting to confirm a song that was used in the credits, I noticed an attribution to a scream sample taken from freesound! So there’s at least one freesound in a major motion picture for you, though I’m sure you knew already.

    The scream in question is overlaid on a noisy Aphex Twin track to make it seem more aggressive, in the scene with Michael Caine first meeting up and talking to Clive Owens.

  8. Paul Wilkie says:


    Well pardon me, arty fart. How disrespectful. A thanks would have sufficed.

    I am minimusicman. Soundcloud.com/minimusicman.

    Show some respect.

  9. bdejong says:

    Hey Paul,

    I’m the guy who wrote the original blog post (and one of the freesound core team, by the way), thanks for sharing your creation with us, but it’s not really what we are looking for as we are looking for *video* works, not audio.

    – bram

  10. Rikka says:

    It is just a short bit of a puppet vid and uses Cherry Blossom Days by C.P. Bryan. I just uped it this week. Probably not good enough, but anyhow. I was told the musik fit really well and since it is really short I’ll just add the link, see if you could use that:
    Greetings from Germany,
    yours Rikka

  11. Rikka says:

    Sorry, clicked wrong, my fault.

  12. Lewis says:

    Freesound.org credited in these videos

    And in the videos from this series

    For the most part, crediting was a problem as most of the uploaders either didn’t specify anything in their profiles in terms of crediting (in which case, I conformed to creative commons) or they simply asked their name/username be mentioned.

    I use Freesound.org whenever I’m looking for free sound effects or music samples that I can use under creative commons license. Unlike copyright protected music and sound, I don’t have to go through months of bureaucratic red tape just so I can use a sound. Freesound.org is like open source software. It’s sound made by people for people.

  13. Lewis says:

    Correction: Crediting was NOT a problem.

  14. dobroide says:

    I like this one:

    and this:


    or this:

    I used to keep track of all but then gave up, there were too many…

  15. Derek Hammer says:

    Hi Bram,
    I’m an amatuer filmmaker trying to reach my dream of becoming professional. I’ve made about 4 short films, and it just so happens that my recent project will be finishing up in a few days. I plan to send it to international film festivals in Hong Kong and America.

    It’s called Bad School and it’s a short 20 minute Chinese comedy that I filmed in Dalian, China.

    I’ve emailed you a screenshot and a quote that you asked for.


  16. Rick Ford says:

    check out HASSEL UNLEASHED on youtube. I credited Freesound in the end credits. Freesound rocks!

  17. Ruben G says:

    Not a film either, but I am using some Freesound sounds in my latest game: http://www.skatpalast.de

    See credits here:

    Maybe you can put that to some use.

  18. wence vaquer says:

    I Hello my friend, I have done a video parody for youtube with sounds elements obtained from here,…useful has been extremely to have with a web site like this, freesound.org….

    http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=SUCDnHyjWjo & feature = channel_video_title

    Best regards.

  19. Wence says:

    Hello,… there is a video with credits.


  20. SRM says:

    Credited in the video and in the description:


  21. Zamiotana says:

    Here is a link to one of my videos where I used sounds from the freesound project. I found the experience very positive, especially the ability to cut and paste the attributions into the credits … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSlGIVesFrk

  22. Tim says:

    I used a number of various sound clips from freesound.org, and accredited in description of video,


  23. Marc Draco says:

    We’re planning on using a number of sounds from Freesound (along with many of our own creation) in our current project; but it’s unlikely to be ready in time for your deadline, Bram.

    My problem is not so much with sound as with hiring suitable actors on the pittance of a budget. Ah, the things we do for art!

  24. klankbeeld says:

    Hi Bram,

    My sounds are used in several films.
    Sometimes I search on google ?klankbeeld freesound?.

    There some hits.
    Most of the people credit me and sometimes freesound in the comment-text.
    It is seldom that people credit correct in the film.
    There are also films with my sound without crediting at all but do not have an example at the moment. ( It will be more than credited ones for sure.

    In a discussion with professional film video editors I always hear that simple crediting is what the think is okey. eg.

    Sound effects klankbeeld freesound.org
    thanks klankbeeld freesound.org
    background: http://www.freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/sounds/147746
    sound klankbeeld

    Because of there (non-professional) opinion and all the energy in discussion with a lot of editors by mail and phone I stopped to get the credits correct. eg.
    Thanks to http://www.freesound.org and klankbeeld for the background sound: http://www.freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/sounds/147746

    This is an example of the way the most credit in the film.

    The film is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuyrBIySmXw

    an other example;
    film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1wRjdmO5JA

    My opinion about this item:

    I make the sounds because I love to record them.
    I am just an amateur and do not have to make money out of it.
    If I want to make money out of it I had made an own site.
    I hope that the people credit me and freesound correctly
    I see that the world has changed in the way it is. (less respectful and (to) easy use of other ones work even by pro’s.
    I have a lot of nice contact by freesound and that is what I like.

    This is the text I have written (about crediting) on my personal page on freesound: http://www.freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/

    I hope this information helps you a bit


  25. Derek Hammer says:

    Hi bram. I sent you an email about this but never got a reply. Did you get that?

  26. schottenrock says:

    Hey folks,

    last year i made a short film in association with my studies. I used quite a lot of resources found on freesound. But i’m not really sure if i did the credits right, so if you want to take a look, here you go:

  27. Silvia Tamara says:

    I’ve edited a short video for my English students about The London Tube and its role during the II World War. I found Freesound as I was desperately googling for the free sound effects I needed, and you saved me. Although I’ve included your web in the credits, I’m afraid I didn’t include the authors’ nicknames. Might’ve been because the web wasn’t so familiar to me, and I really was in a hurry. Very sorry for that. I have the links of the sounds I used. I’d be glad to give you more info if this is what you’re looking for. – Silvia

  28. Jim says:

    I’d love to do narration for a documentary or short film (for free), so if someone wants to create a new film so you can showcase it during your presentation, let me know. Not asking a lot, am I? 😉

  29. Silvia Tamara says:

    Hi, I?ve done a short class video about the London Underground and its role during the II World War . I?ve used about 5 of your sounds/loops; they?ve been extremely useful, indeed. I?d been searching around many webs until I luckily found yours. I?ve become your fun since then.
    My first video; and my first visit to your web; and working very fast. I?ve only included your web link in the credits. I found it easy to identify only some of the author?s nicknames; not all. That?s why I only mentioned your web, but I?ve stored your files with their original names.
    Hope this could be useful; if so, I’ll be glad to give you more details.

  30. Silvia Tamara says:

    Sorry, was sure you hadn’t got the message I sent you yesterday.

  31. Hi, I’m Tony and I have a Dubbing Production Company in Germany (www.labsix.de). Last year we translated and dubbed the Russian Blockbuster “Kandahar – Survive and return” with Vladimir Mashkov (Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol) for the German speaking market.

    In this movie I’ve heard some Arabian praying samples which I also found here, for example http://www.freesound.org/people/ejaz215/sounds/33705/

    Actually, I’m not 100% sure if it is exactly this sample, but if not, it is a very very similar one.

    Best regards

    BTW: This movie is a fantastic piece of Russian Blockbuster Cinema Art!

  32. Edward Picot says:

    Paul –

    I’ve got a short video-with-music called Psychedelic Pie which might be of interest, because both the music and the video itself are composed almost entirely of material found on the Web. The music (apart from a bit of vocal I added myself) comes entirely from FreeSound, and the clips I used are credited both on YouTube and on my site. The YouTube link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS4Wpx5QKXc .

    – Edward Picot

  33. Bird Delaney says:

    I’ve used sound effects from freesound.org for a trailer and a rough cut (work in progress) of a feature animation I am working on.

    Most recently I’ve used files for my Getty Mishmash piece. These were applied after the work submitted as Getty prohibits sound effects not originated from the filmmaker.

    Here’s a link to piece:

    Screenshot of how I credited freesound. org artists:

  34. We have an animated short which is using sound fx form Freesound.org. The animated short is called “The Adventures of Boris Munchausen 1.01” and can be found here – https://munchausenproject.wordpress.com/

    The main problem with freesound was licensing. We wanted to distribute the finished animation together with its sources ?under CC BY SA 3.0 License, but all sounds on freesound were provided under CC-Sampling, which is bloody incompatible. That was an issue for sources distribution. In fact it’s still an issue. ^_^”

  35. Practically all of my Second Life made Miles11Hour machinima series use Freesound and all of the creators are listed at the end of every episode. Episode 4 has quite a long list of credits. You can check it out here:
    as well as the rest of the series on my Youtube channel… Episode 7 will be completed & uploaded sometime this week.

  36. klankbeeld says:

    When you need some more (film) productions with freesound sounds and ‘good credits’ look here:


  37. We recently did a short film and used a bunch of freesound.org sounds in it. There’s no way we could’ve made all the sounds and music we needed with the time and resources that we had, so it’s a wonderful thing to have such a massive repository of sounds at our disposal at FS.org. Crediting was easy, we simply added the ID number, sound name and author to the credits roll at the end of our movie. Thank you!

    The short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ4DFYIzLCw

  38. Zolopher says:

    Hey Bram,
    Well, I get a lot of “I’m using this” and “Awesome”s and “Perfect” to my sounds but nobody ever credits me. Now granted I have stated that anyone can use my sounds however they want, but I also ask for a link to how they used it just so I can see. Out of 10,000+ downloads nobody has credited me or at least shown how they used my sounds.
    I think when you go to the convention, you need to tell them that many people (not all) are irresponsible, as this is a honor based system. The downside of this all is that a filmmaker can use thousands of sounds but each sound was created by a different person. So how do you credit thousands of people?
    I don’t know if there is one, but maybe you should create a “Credits” forum where people can post their work and give credits to those that have contributed. I think that would show how this website creates and promotes creativity and communication.

  39. Oleg says:

    Here you are, sir. Music video, credited to Freesound. Some unique speach records relating to the history of America were found on Freesound.org , as well as piano imitating Bach’s music, vocal’s like synth, and more all was used in this social project:



  40. Truman says:

    Hi Bram – so how did your presentation go?

  41. Dave says:

    I credit free sounds like this:

    Sample name – user name.

    CONNECTED, Sweden, 2010

    For my new project PARADIESWEHR I discovered very nice hydrophone samples here.

    Keep up the good recording work!

  42. Charles says:

    I found Freesound through the credits in this video: http://vimeo.com/14698308 . I am not the film maker. The film maker uses Freesound extensively. The Google doc referenced on this page lists other videos by the author that use the site.

  43. phloord says:

    Date:April 9th, 2011
    Subject:Transmission (concept trailer)

    Hello! Just to let you know we used your sound sample in our concept trailer for the Hobo with a Shotgun fake trailer contest. You can see our film here:


    I apologize for not contacting you beforehand. Please let me know if you have any issues with our using your sample. Thanks you,

    Laszlo Kovacs
    Key Pixel Gathering of Film Makers

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