New Freesound T-Shirts!

Hello everyone,

We’re glad to announce that we have updated our Freesound t-shirts with the new logo!
As you can see in the picture, new t-shirts are available in three different colors, men and women versions.

They look amazing! Don’t they?
Buying a t-shirt is another way to contribute to Freesound. For each t-shirt sold we get 5? that will be?reinvested in the maintenance of the site.
Go and get yours before they are over! 🙂 Then take a picture of yourself with the t-shirt and post it as a reply in this forum post!

US, Canada and Asia shop:?
EU shop: ?

– frederic

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7 Responses to New Freesound T-Shirts!

  1. Chester Hull says:

    Thanks for the tshirt updates! Could you please include Hoodies as a possible option to purchase? I see a hoodie preview on the feeesound site, but can’t find them as available to order! Would low to order some to helo support the site.

    Thank you!

  2. shakshi says:

    Thanks for the tshirt updates

  3. lliban says:

    Hey! Nice t-shirts! What about potentially customers from Argentina? Can I buy one of this?

  4. ailton says:

    ola encontrei esse site e estou adorando o conteudo do mesmo. parab?ns aos idealizadores…

  5. Mike says:

    Very nice t shirts. I new here but thinking about buying one already. Eventhough my site is not at that level yet to make t shirts I hope someday it will.

    They look really nice

  6. Karim says:

    Ol?, J? sou fan do Free sound a algum tempo, mas essas camisas s?o de mais! Quando eu comprar, terei orgulho de usa-las! S?o lindas

  7. adamstrange says:

    I would like to buy a t-shirt that would have the waveform in a bright green,the “FREE” in a bright blue and the “SOUND” in a bright yellow.

    Also some white and black shirts that just have the freesound wave form transitioning from blue to orange or from blue to bright green.

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