Dare 10 “The minimalist half-dozen ” is now open!

At the moment the votes for dare 9 are being counted and considerable computing power is being used to calculate the points for each participant (what a complicated points system that was!)

While this takes place in the background, the Dare 10 has opened!
This is the second dare inspired by suggestions from the ‘daring’ community so I hope you will enjoy it twice as much. It is great to have your participation both by entering and voting, but also by making your suggestions / comments / criticisms.

So… if you are reading this… don’t just be a Freesounder… be a ‘daring’ Freesounder and join us for Dare 10… if you dare!

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5 Responses to Dare 10 “The minimalist half-dozen ” is now open!

  1. mano007 says:

    would love to join the dare, If only I knew what it was, how it works and what should do ?
    It’s kinda vague…? but tell me what I should do ? and I will gladly join you…?!
    I’m new here so people please explain

  2. qubodup says:

    I’m new to dares. What is a dare?

    http://blog.freesound.org/?p=172 doesn’t make it clear to me 😐

  3. AlienXXX says:

    Hello mano007 and qubodup

    The dares are friendly competitions that we run at Freesound.
    We run one dare a month and each dare will have a specific theme and set of rules. The basic concept is that participants are asked to submit creative entries (usually in the form of a music piece) made up using sounds form Freesound

    If you want to know more, I have tried to explain it all in detail here. Including a bit of history on how the dares started and how they have been recently re-started.

  4. how bout a link to the dare?

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