Freesound Christmas Special

Dear Freesounders,

It’s christmas time and the Freesound team has been working hard to bring some presents in the form of new functionalities and bug fixes to celebrate the occasion.

First of all we implemented a couple of new features for the forums. From now on, you’ll be able to browse latest posts of all forums in the Latest forum posts page. Moreover, at the time of replying a post you’ll see a list of the last posts in the same thread so it will be much easier to follow the conversation. Finally, we have improved our thread unread markers so they should be working better right now!

The second of our christmas presents is a very long awaited feature: deletion of accounts and sounds. From now on, you can get rid of unwanted sounds by deleting them through the Edit Sound page. If you have not uploaded any sounds, you can delete your user account through the Settings Page. If you have sounds, you’ll have to ask us for deleting the account. This is to make sure we don’t accidentally lose a lot of sounds in one go!

We have also implemented some functionality to store sound Bookmarks! You will notice that if you are logged in, a new small blue address book icon will appear when browsing sounds (Bookmarks icon). Clicking this icon will show a small panel to bookmark the sound. In this panel you can set a name for the bookmark and assign a custom category (similarly to what you do with web browser bookmarks). This way you’ll be able to bookmark all interesting sounds that you hear in Freesound and organize them under different categories. You’ll be able also to browse other people’s bookmark lists through their profile page too.

Last but not least, we fixed some bugs and tweaked our system to improve performance. One of the most important bug fixes is related with the creation of zip files for pack downloads. Some of you reported that pack downloading was not working properly, resulting in empty or incomplete zip files. This should be solved now (although there might still be some random packs out there that need to be fixed)!

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from…

The Freesound Core Developers Team (Gerard, Frederic, Stelios and Bram)

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8 Responses to Freesound Christmas Special

  1. Herbert Boland says:

    Deletion and bookmarking: very useful! Thanks guys.

  2. Kyster says:


    You’ve done a great job.

  3. Burkay says:

    Great! Thanx guys and a Merry Xmas and a happy and prosperous 2012 already!

  4. The new bookmarking function is going to be very useful!
    Thanks guys and Merry Christmas everyone!

  5. Gherat says:

    Nice work on the website so far! But.. I spent two hours uploading a couple of sounds because I needed to tag them all seperately. How about adding a feature that allows a user to tag a sample pack that automatically tags all the samples inside that pack with the same tags and description? Maybe next time..
    A user search and a friend system would also be nice, like for instance soundcloud has. It good for a community. I would like to be able to follow people I like and get updates of a user.

    With that said, I really do think you’ve done an amazing job on the site over the last couple of years. There has been huge improvements! Keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays!!!

  6. John says:

    Hey thanks on this Xmas season, and for the New Years?

  7. John says:

    Hey thanks on this Xmas season fading, and for the New Years?

  8. David Fenn says:

    Thanks for the improvements – very useful.
    This is a fantastic site, so many authentic sounds – wonderful!
    Happy New Year

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