The Freesound Dares

Dear Freesounders,

Freesound has run some dares (friendly challenges or competitions) around 5-6?years ago.
Interestingly, posts continued to be made against the original dare threads with some entries comming years later. Obviouly, this means there was some interest from the Freesound community in this type of activity.

I have personally entered similar competitions on various internet sites and I would say that for the training or hobbyst musician they are a unique opportunity to work on a specific project with constraints and deadlines imposed on you. They are an excellent way to train your skills and to get feedback and learn from others.

In the specific context of Freesound?I believe there is a lot to be gained from interaction between Freesounders.
Freesound is not just “a database of sounds” or even one that reacts to “sample requests”. Freesound is a living community of people who share an interest in sound, and within this community there are considerable amounts of both knowledge and goodwill.

I hope the ‘New Generation’ Dares which I have started a couple of months ago (just after the launch of Freesound 2.0) will be interesting and inspiring enough for you to participate or to follow what is going on (and perhaps vote for your favourite).
But most of all, I hope they will encourage you to interact with Freesound and other Freesounders in new and exciting ways.

The latest Dare is open and waiting for your entries:
Closes 20 December 2011.

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  1. BuckyLarson says:

    While this this doesn’t qualify for your contest, I just wanted to thank Freesound for providing almost all the sounds I needed for my mockumentary on a Black Metal band called Satanic Horrors Iniciting Terror, also known by their acronym S.H.I.T. (Yes, it’s that kind of movie). I put in the ending credits. I was surprised by how easily I could create a fake extreme metal soundtrack. Then again, they’re supposed to be an aweful band so perhaps it wasn’t such a challenge. Enjoy!

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