Meet the daredevils !

Dear Freesounders,

We have recently closed dare 8. It was the first dare to hold a vote for the best entry. Here are the results:

1ST schluppipuppie 67 points
2ND hoscalegeek 63 points
3RD Thatjeffcarter 59 points
4TH afleetingspeck 58 points
5TH AlienXXX 56 points
6TH klankbeeld 33 points
7TH Tarrei 28 points
8TH Kyster 26 points
8TH jgeralyn 18 points

Full details here:

All entries can be found on this thread:

In the meantime, dare 9 has been ‘warming up’… We are collecting some thematic samples up to the 10th Jan, see the thread here:
But no one knows yet what they will be asked to do with the samples once we got them on the Freesound database… it’s a bit of a mystery…

So, come and join us… if you DARE!

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4 Responses to Meet the daredevils !

  1. Figowitz says:

    Glad to see the Dares are up and running again!
    By the way, could you please make a link to each of the winner’s entry? It’s a bit time consuming looking through the whole forum post to hear it

  2. crodrigues says:

    I might do that when I get a minute.
    In the meantime jgeralyn, one of the participants, has created a group at Soundcloud and we are asking every participant to join that group and share their tracks there.
    I expect to make that a rule for future dares. So ALL tracks from ALL dares should become available here:

  3. Zolopher says:

    I poke in and out of here so I may not be totally informed… but do the “dares” always mean making a music track using sounds from Freesound?

  4. crodrigues says:

    Most of the time yes. At least 90% of dares will be asking people to submit music.
    Occasionally there may be a dare that specifically asks for ‘sound scenes’ or something else.

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