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Sustainability Report 2020

Dear Freesounders, Welcome to our 2020 Sustainability Report! Here we give an update on how 2020 went for Freesound in terms of sustainability, and present our plans for 2021. You’ll see that most of the information is very similar to … Continue reading

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2020 in numbers

Hi everyone, Welcome again to our traditional year in numbers post in which we give you some statistics about last year’s Freesound activity. As usual, we will show some general statistics similar to those shown in previous years’ posts, and … Continue reading

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Community update December 2020

Hi everyone, Welcome to a new community update post! We just realised that we didn’t do any community update posts for the last year 🙁 However, we’ve had some activity in the blog through the guest blog posts (and we’d … Continue reading

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SIAS project: Sound Art in Colombia

[Guest Blog post by?Jorge Mario D?az Matajira, director of the SIAS project] SIAS stands for ?Information System about Sound Art in Colombia? (from the spanish ?Sistema de Informaci?n sobre el Arte Sonoro en Colombia?). SIAS (  is a project that … Continue reading

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Barcelona Confinement Soundscape

[Guest Blog post by  Ilaria Sartori and Gianni Ginesi] Dear fellow Freesounders, May we introduce Barcelona Confinement Soundscape, a collaborative soundmap and soundscape-related network of researchers, artists and neighbors who stay home and actively listen, record and reflect on soundscape … Continue reading

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15 years of Freesound!

Today, 5th of April 2020, is the 15th anniversary of Freesound. Incredible, isn’t it? we couldn’t have imagined, when it all started back in 2005, that Freesound would become such a reference website for sharing Creative Commons sounds, worldwide. Freesound … Continue reading

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Sustainability Report 2019

Dear Freesounders, Last year we started the tradition of publishing a sustainability report to give you an update about how things are going in the Freesound world sustainability-wise, and to give you more insight about how do we work and … Continue reading

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Recording Foley for Beginners on a Budget

[Guest Blog post by Jo?o Janz] Before we Start… With this post I?m aiming to try and help anyone who wants to start recording foley sounds and doesn?t have a huge budget. It?ll be a simple list of do?s and … Continue reading

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The Elementary Wave: creating ambient wave/pads/soundscapes

[Guest blog post by Erokia] Ambient Waves/Soundscapes/Elementary Wave: These types of sounds are mostly designed to add color or atmosphere to scenes in film, music, or many other possible scenarios. Objectively, they can universally fit into almost any project or musically add … Continue reading

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More From the USC Optical Sound Effects Library

[Guest blog post by Craig Smith] In August of 2018, I uploaded 1,233 vintage optical sound effects from various Hollywood productions ranging from the 1930s to 1950s. I called the collection ?the Gold Library? because of the color of the old … Continue reading

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