Online workshop on composition with Freesound

The Music Technology Group and Phonos will offer the workshop ?Composing with Freesound? with Laura Llaneli & Frederic Font, from 12 to 16 July 2021 online.

In this workshop, participants will explore in depth the possibilities of Freesound as a creative tool for music composition and sound design. The workshop will cover the basics of free licenses, downloading sounds, recording, editing and uploading sounds, as well as advanced features unleashed with the Freesound API, including text and similarity advanced searches. Also, the workshop will show the potential of the Freesound API with applied examples in audio mosaicing and loop generations and cover other advanced applications towards machine intelligence. Sessions explaining theoretical concepts will be followed by sound and music composition labs. At the end of the week, students working in groups are expected to prepare a radio show using Freesound content, that will be aired on teslaFM during the summer.

Duration of the workshop: 15 hours (Mon. to Fri. 14?17h CET)

Format: Online (zoom + slack)

Language: English

More information and registration:

This is one of the workshops of the Phonos Summer Camp, a series of workshops on music and technology for musicians, composers and creators in general.

Find more information on the Phonos Summer Camp here:

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7 Responses to Online workshop on composition with Freesound

  1. Ike says:

    Would be perfect to have this search browser as a VST-plugin in the DAW, so that you can directly find and use samples from within.

  2. Si?u?mThanh says:

    What is GMT for CET time zone? Help calculate local time.

  3. Eric says:


    I am from Hong Kong and I tried to donate some to your website but it turned out the system showed my location is not accepted to donate to your website, it’s a pity.

    Please tell me the way I can donate, thanks.

  4. Shekhar_Sahu says:

    Is the recording available?

  5. frederic.font says:


    The workshop was unfortunately cancelled last minute due to organisational issues but it will most likely be re-scheduled soon. Thanks for the interest.

  6. Vijay Chakilam says:

    I would like to enroll for this workshop. Any update on the re-schedule?

  7. wheredle says:

    It would be ideal if this sample browser were available as a VST plugin that could be used in the digital audio workstation (DAW), allowing users to immediately find and use samples from within the program.

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