Community update June 2018: Bulk description

Dear Freesounders,

Welcome back to the Freesound-dev world monthly post! This month we are very excited to let you know that we finally released a long awaited feature that we think hardcore sound uploaders will love. And possibly non-hardcore uploaders will love as well… hmm and downloaders too!

  • Bulk sound description: we have just added an option in the describe page to let you describe many sounds at once by uploading a?data file in CSV or Excel? formats. In this way, you can prepare the descriptions of all your sounds offline in your? computer and using any spreadsheet editing software you like. Then, when you’re ready, save descriptions to a file, upload it to Freesound, and sit down to watch how your sounds are described automatically and appear on the site :)? You’ll still need to first upload your audio files to Freesound normally, but this is really easy as the upload page allows you to drag all the sounds you want and upload them at once.?Checkout this FAQ entry to get a better idea of how the process works.? I just used it now to upload this pack of 508 sounds, and it worked great!

By adding this feature we expect to make life easier for Freesound uploaders (and others who are not yet uploaders) that have collections of sounds that have not been uploaded to Freesound because it would take too much time. Now you have no excuse 😉

Note that bulk sound description is currently only available for uploaders that have contributed 40 sounds or more. Therefore, if you want to use that feature and are still below the threshold, you’ll have to train yourselves a bit more on uploading sounds 🙂

Even though we tested the bulk description feature quite a lot, it is a big change and it could happen that some things do not work as expected. Just in case, we opened this forum thread so you can leave comments and let us know how it works.

We’ve been also been busy as usual with lots of internal improvements in our code which prepare Freesound for the future. For those curious, remember that you can follow the development at our public code repository.

Aaaaaaan that’s it for now, time to get your data files ready and upload all those great sound collections that have been sitting for ages in lonely hard drives 🙂

Enjoy Freesound!

The Freesound Team

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  1. Emeka eze says:

    I wish i have reached tresh hold to see how enjoyable this will be

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