Community update November 2017

Hi again,

This is our monthly update of things happening in Freesound development! Remember we told you we’d try to write regularly-spaced-in-time blog posts letting you know what’s going on? Well we made it, so once month later here is a new issue 🙂

Here are the new features deployed this month:

  • Sound signature. If you go to your settings page?you’ll see a new form field with the title Sound signature which allows you to introduce some text. You guessed it right? This text will be added at the end of the description of all of your sounds.?If you change the sound signature, it will automatically be updated on all of your sounds. This way you’ll be able to add attribution instructions or other information that you want to appear in each sound. What? You have uploaded no sounds? Maybe it’s time to start!
  • Subscribe/Unsusbscribe to forum threads at any time. Those of you who participate in the forums already know that when you post in a thread you have the option to?subscribe to the thread and get email notifications when new messages are posted. In these email notifications you have the option to?unsusbscribe?from the thread as well. Now these two operations can be easily performed from the thread page. This also means that you can receive notifications without actually participating in the conversation.

Besides these new features, we also made some other smaller changes and bugfixes:

  • Added minor improvements in the UI of the describe sounds page.
  • Fixed a bug which was wrongly reading metadata of some file formats including lossless version of M4a files.
  • Fixed a bug which disabled the?group by pack?option in search page.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some pack filters to fail in the search page when pack names contained non alphanumeric characters.
  • Fixed a bug in the search page which prevented sorting options other than?Automatic by relevance?to be used.
  • Correction of other smaller errors, significant code clean ups and internal optimizations.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next post!

The Freesound Team

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2 Responses to Community update November 2017

  1. superfreq says:

    Awesome! thanks for the hard work!

  2. Mary says:

    Thanks! You folks provide an amazing service!

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