Freesound Survey 2017 [closed]

EDIT 18/4/2017: Thank you all for participating in the survey! After having collected more than 1,300 responses we decided to close the survey form. We’ll analyse the collected data now and get back to you with some?conclusions in the coming weeks 🙂


Dear Freesounders,

Some of you will remember that in 2012 we conducted a survey in the Freesound forums with the aim of getting a better understanding of what are your motivations for using Freesound, what are the uses you give to it and, in general, know more about the nature of Freesound itself (you can see the posts here: Some of the outputs of this survey were published in this research paper: Now five years have passed and we decided to run a new survey to get an updated status of the Freesound community.

So please participate in the survey and help us improve Freesound 🙂
It should not take you more than 5 minutes. After we’ve collected all the data we will make it (anonymously) public for everyone.

Access the survey by clicking here

If you want to share or discuss anything related with the survey with the?rest of the community you can do it in this forum thread.

Thanks for your participation!


the Freesound team

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2 Responses to Freesound Survey 2017 [closed]

  1. Paolo W?nsch says:

    Sorry, my english isn’t very good. Can i use your sound effects without copyright claims? Is is like nocopyrighysong but for sound effects and the soundeffects are free to use?

  2. frederic.font says:

    Hi Paolo,
    Sounds in Freesound are released under Creative Commons licenses.
    You can reuse them as long as you comply with these.
    Please check the FAQ section on licenses ( and our forums section ( to get more information.


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