Final nightingale sound flash player!

Have a look at the final and all new nightingale sound player:

This is the player that will be displayed in the “single sample view” page. You will need flash 10 to see it:

Please let me know your opinions, and if you find any bugs… I’d like to hear about those as well.

For those of you interested in seeing the source code (GPL license!), you can do that right here:

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4 Responses to Final nightingale sound flash player!

  1. Mike M says:

    Looks really cool!
    One problem I have with the old sound player and this website is that if I open alot of page listings it makes Flash malfunction- apparently there’s a bug with having a large number of Flash instances open. From what I recall this is a strictly a Flash player bug, but does the new player do anything to work around this?

  2. bdejong says:

    yup, it fixes that issue 😉

  3. qubodup says:

    Holy crap! This is so awesome!

  4. kevinkace says:


    That is sick.

    The spectral view is incredible.

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