Some more previews of Nightingale.

A lot of people have been asking about updates on Nightingale development. While none of this is ready for “action” yet, I thought I would give you an overview of some of the things we have been working on. These are screenshot and designer views from what we’re cooking in the labs. Feel free to comment! All the images are low resolution, click on them for full resolution/scale versions!

The front page, dynamic version. Contains live updated news items from the blog, etc. TODO on this page: the sound player is just an image, the star rating isn’t real yet. Latest uploads (not seen here) is working but might need tweaking). On the top you can see what a logged in user sees…

The html draft of the simgle sample page. This page is a static HTML page, i.e. straight from pixelshell. The user avatars are missing, the colors need tweaking, the download button needs to be yellow, … but the general layout is there. This one also features the new and awesome “huge” sample player we’ve developed and will be shown to the community soon.

The forum front page. The little text bubbles light up if there are new posts since you last visited. This is a dynamic version, no a static html page. As you can see we’ve gone for a very minimal feel.

Forum threads. Sticky threads are red and stay on top. The minimal pagination you see at the top will be used everywhere in freesound. Again a live page, fully functional.

Forum posts. TODO on this page: only the user avatars… Smileys are very simple and minimal (you can see one at the bottom), the whole style is very “light”. You can quote a post by clicking the quotation marks right next to it.

Message inbox. Functional page, but no design yet! The message “outbox” from phpbb has been removed (as it created much confusion!). We now have inbox, sent messages and archive. Messages can be either archived or deleted.

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  1. kevinkace says:

    Dang, that looks really great. freesound certainly deserves a face lift, and these look great. Excellent work.

    One question, when do we get to use it! 🙂

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