Sons de Barcelona (Sounds of Barcelona) needs your votes!

A note from our friends running Sounds of Barcelona:

“Our Sounds of Barcelona project is participating in a EU contest for best innovations related to technological iniciatives with an educational and social impact. The? project Sons de Barcelona was created as an educational initiative around, running workshops in schools to foster interest in music technologies among the students community by using the Freesound ideas and technologies. You can find more information about the contest entry in:?

If you think that Sounds of Barcelona is a good initiative worth promoting, please vote for it.”

We love the work that the Barcelona people have started and basically love everything that combines kids and recording sounds. They are the future, you know!

Please vote for them so they can continue their great work.

– Bram

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  1. shaiknasar says:

    hi i like very much its easy to any sound recorded in the any projects its comnes in future by tecnical developing but use in a advantages.

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