Freesound Survey

Hello everyone,

as most of you will know Freesound is a site that was started six years ago in the context of the?Music Technology Group?of the?Universitat Pompeu Fabra. One of the aims of the project was to create an open database of sounds that could also be used for scientific research. Freesound is being maintained by current and former members of the Music Technology Group – the?Freesound team?- and we are continuously researching about Freesound to learn about sounds and online communities, and to be able to use our scientific outcome to improve the site. For this reason,?we are now conducting a very small survey?to better understand your motivations using Freesound and at the end the nature of Freesound itself.

Please, go to the this forum thread and participate in the survey! You’ll find the instructions there.

Thank you very much in advance for your participation, we really appreciate your feedback…

We’re looking forward to read all your answers that will help us in our research and in the improvement of Freesound!



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