Community update April 2021

Hi everyone,

Welcome to a new community update post! If you remember in the last community update post (from December 2020), we mentioned that, among other things, in 2021 we’d be spending efforts in migrating Freesound to a new, faster and more scalable infrastructure, and in advancing the implementation of the new Freesound UI. Well, we’ve been working very hard in these two fronts for the first months of 2021, and will continue to do so in the coming months. Here is an update about the things that have been happening:

  • Migration to new infrastructure: during the last year, we’ve experienced increasing page load times and general slowdowns which, in some moments, made Freesound hardly usable. This has been due to the increase of traffic and also because of limitations of Freesound’s shared infrastructure. In the last weeks, we’ve finally been able to start migrating some of the Freesound services to a new infrastructure which will allow us to scale better. The migration is still a work in progress and will still take several weeks to be fully completed, but you should have already noticed some significant speed improvements in page loads. We’re still having slowdowns (and will continue to happen in the next weeks), but in general Freesound has been much faster this week than what it was the past week and it will keep getting better. We also have planned improvements that will increase download and upload speeds and that will be applied shortly. We’ll keep you posted through this community updates!
  • New UI: the development of the new UI is also advancing at a great speed. The most important Freesound pages (front page, search, user profile, sound page, pack page) have already been implemented and they look awesome. Also while implementing the new pages we took the time of adding some nice small new features that you’ll like. We hope to start a sort of public beta as soon as the few important remaining pages are implemented, most probably before summer. Aaaaand just in case you don’t believe us because we’ve been promising this for so long, below you’ll find a screenshot of the user profile of one of Freesound classic users 🙂

And that?s it for now, we’re very excited with all the improvements that we’ll be able to bring to Freesound this year 🙂

the Freesound Team

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10 Responses to Community update April 2021

  1. Great work, team, thanks! I love the sounds shared on Freesound, which I use for SFX (with attribution) in my podcast episodes.

  2. Tim Kahn says:

    Very exciting to hear! Thanks for all the hard work that goes on that we never see. Fingers crossed for the ability to upload long files will return 🙂

  3. rodica says:


  4. Steven F. Allen says:

    Many thanks for all the behind the scenes magic!
    ~ Peace

  5. Tsering Norbu says:

    Is it possible to make hats? Really want to support the community but I don’t want shirts.

  6. rainteller says:

    Looking good 🙂 Thanks for all the hard work!

  7. Bill Potter says:

    how do I contribute?

  8. Bruno says:

    You are the best! Thanks for your love and generosity!

  9. Barna says:

    Kudos! I love you all!

  10. Tayte says:

    Looks good guys! I’m excited to try it out

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