Community update December 2020

Hi everyone,

Welcome to a new community update post! We just realised that we didn’t do any community update posts for the last year ๐Ÿ™ However, we’ve had some activity in the blog through the guest blog posts (and we’d like to give thanks to the authors!). And well, what a year 2020 has been! Surely not the best of all times. In any case, time has come for a new update about how things are going in the Freesound world. Here is a summary of the things we’ve been working on during the last months and some plans for 2021:

  • Bug fixes, general maintenance and software updates: as usual, lots of work that happen without any glory but that are necessary to keep Freesound up and running.
  • New infrastructure: some of you will have noticed that the servers have been misbehaving a little recently, making the upload of large files quite difficult and generating some general slowdowns. The fact is that Freesound continues to grow and our current infrastructure is not easily scalable. In 2021 we’ll start to move Freesound to a new infrastructure that should allow us to scale much better and hopefully get rid of the performance problems we’ve been having this year.
  • New frontend: We’ve slowly been working on the new interface, but now we have a developer working exclusively on the implementation of the new frontend and we’re finally advancing at a good speed. If we are able to keep working at the same speed, I think it is safe to say that we can expect the new frontend to be finished during the first half of 2021 ๐Ÿ™‚
  • New features: we’re also working on new features, and have so many ideas in mind! Together with the new interface, we expect to release a new feature that will perform automatic clustering of search results based on sound similarity. This will provide an alternative facet with which to explore search results and find the sound you’re looking for (maybe that other sound that you were not really looking for but sounds similar and is actually amazing!)

In addition to all of the above, we would like to announce that Freesound has been awarded a Grant for the Web award which will provide us with some funds to explore ideas related to a Freesound-sister project that we call Freesound Licensing. The idea of Freesound Licensing is to provide a service to Freesound uploaders that will allow them to re-license the sounds to 3rd parties that need to use the sounds under terms not allowed by the original Creative Commons licenses. The goal is to provide a solution to the typical problem of someone wanting to use a CC-BY-NC sound from Freesound in a commercial project. Freesound Licensing will mediate between that someone and the sound author to generate a new license in exchange for a payment. This will benefit both uploaders and downloaders, but also, by keeping a small share of the license payments, Freesound Licensing will contribute to the sustainability of Freesound. More news regarding this project will come during 2021.

And that’s it for now, happy new year to everyone!

the Freesound Team

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4 Responses to Community update December 2020

  1. Ryan says:

    Exciting times… But I fear that this may harm the essence and ethos of the Freesound community. If this side-project isn’t carefully explored and implemented, I envision the “free” in Freesound becoming redundant as the site becomes another paid, stock media marketplace site for audio – similar to pond5, audiojungle etc.

    That said; thank you for the update and your continued work in maintaining Freesound!

  2. Thanks for the update and to you and contributors for the service and sounds to date. And all the best to you all for 2021.

  3. frederic.font says:

    Hi, thanks for the comments!

    “But I fear that this may harm the essence and ethos of the Freesound community. If this side-project isnโ€™t carefully explored and implemented, I envision the โ€œfreeโ€ in Freesound becoming redundant as the site becomes another paid, stock media marketplace site for audio โ€“ similar to pond5, audiojungle etc.”

    Thanks for pointing that out as I know this is a valid concern that many people (and me included) can have. We definitely don’t want to become “another paid, stock media marketplace site” and we’ll work actively to prevent that. Freesound Licensing should be a complement to Freesound which can help in the sustainability of the platform and can also attract some new users that will contribute new CC sounds (even if CC-BY-NC percentage might grow a bit). Also it is an experiment to demonstrate that CC and commercial applications are compatible and that we can make an ecosystem that benefits everyone. In any case, maintaining the Freesound philosophy is primordial, more important than the Freesound Licensing project itself.

  4. wandersound says:

    “Freesound Licensing”
    simply awesome for those of us who do not have the resources, contacts or legalese to effectively work thru the licensing process. If done well, Freesound & Freesound Lecensing can benefit from eachother while still maintaining the Freesound philosphy.

    This project is what has attracted me to the Freesound platform

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