Freesound – Meet the team.

Who is behind Freesound? Well, less people than you would think! Not all of them are as visible as the others (look who is talking, googling my own name gives me the creeps!), but all of them are an invaluable part in the working of things.

Xavier Serra: Xavier is the big boss, the director of MTG. The evil ( just kidding Xavier 😉 ) mastermind behind the audio research center called MTG which has produced many cool things like Vocaloid, Reactable, Freesound and many other cool projects. I highly recommend you to check out MTG’s website and have a good look at all the projects they spawned.

Bram de Jong: Smartelectronix,, ICMC2005, Splicemusic, Freesound. There’s some things to google.

Jordi Funollet: MTG and IUA’s system administrator. The only guy who gets excited and happy if power supplies start glowing red. Ooooh, look, so many people on freesound!! I hope we get slashdotted next!! Imagine the cool graphics it will produce in my logging!

Greg Kellum: Greg worked on something behind the scenes, but something very important. In 2007 he worked on the way files were named in Freesound so that mirroring would be possible. Mirroring is the process by which content is spread out over different servers around the world to lighten the heavy load of the poor freesound machines.

Gerard Roma: Gerard has been silently working away on his Freesound Radio program. He is one of the poor Master in Information, Communication and Audiovisual Media Technologies (TICMA) students who was too techy for his own good and got swept along in the rush of Freesound. I’ve been trying to get Gerard more involved in Freesound one bit at a time. He is also one of the Freesound moderators.

Anton, Erdie, Halleck, plagasul: 4 brave freesound moderators. When you (you know who you are!) write a bad description on a file, upload an illegal file or a broken file, these are the guys that weed them out! Moderation is done in a semi-anonymous way where each moderator is presented with random files, so… don’t hold it against any of them if your file is flagged “bad description!”

The Essentia team: the guys that worked on the sound similarity algorithms. Although they are not directly involved with Freesound, I can’t count the number of times that Koppi or Nicolas helped me with database an/or C++ problems So, they are kind of responsible for all of this as well!

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3 Responses to Freesound – Meet the team.

  1. George Motoc says:

    Nice to meet you guys.

  2. P?ter says:

    godspeed, team!

  3. Myles says:

    Hey, I’ve always loved the Freesound project and used it extensively during my Computer Animation degree.

    Right now I have a little company that I started with a friend of mine and we do Web Design. I’ll be happy to offer any services or assistance with the front-end of things. Would be thrilled to be involved somehow!

    Do get in touch. 🙂

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