New release and the necessary downtime…

Hi all,

As you probably know Freesound has had some difficulties lately… We managed to bring the service back to the previous standards but there’s still quite a lot of work to do. So in short tomorrow at 11h GMT+2 we will have to shut down the server, hopefully not for long.

The plan is to fine tune our database and in addition deploy a new version covering various bugs. The good news is this version adds packs descriptions :). Please report any bugs you may find here or via email.

Thanks for your patience as we are as well trying to learn this new beast called Freesound and optimize it for a better service.


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2 Responses to New release and the necessary downtime…

  1. Steve says:

    can’t log in or retrieve password or even register with a new name/pass.

  2. bdejong says:

    Steve, please don’t use the blog for support requests… We have the contact form for that. Thx…

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