A couple of new features

Dear all,

We just deployed a couple of new useful features that we want you to know about:

  • Short share sound urls: if you go to a sound page (e.g.?this one by kirbydx) and look at the share section in the sidebar you’ll see a new ‘share url’ property with a link that points to that?page with the form http://freesound.org/s/<sound_id>. The link does not include the username so it is shorter?than the usual url (http://freesound.org/people/<username>/sounds/<sound_id>)?and might be useful?for sharing when url length is a concern 😉
  • Inappropriate content warning: as?some of you will know sounds can be flagged (via sound page)?and we admins get notified with the reasons you give?(e.g. sound is illegal or offensive). Based on these flags, Freesound will now display a warning for the sounds which are considered inappropriate. The warning can be dismissed with a single click and there is an option in your settings page to completely?disable them.

We hope you find these new features useful!



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