CCMixter needs your help

CCMixter, one of the first open platforms for Creative Commons music sharing out there is in trouble. The site was started by Creative Commons themselves many years ago, but understandably “let go” because Creative Commons is a legal organisation, not a music publishing one!?Now CCMixter needs your help.

About 5 years ago the main creator and developer -good friend of!- had to move on to other things in life and the site was taking over by new management. Not wanting to turn the site into a commercial venture, CCMixter was kept on life support for as long as possible. A heap?of volunteers are?keeping the site up, but lately it is becoming too much work for the volunteers to keep up?with the work. This is mostly due to some much needed development work.

CCMixter is now doing an indiegogo campaign to raise some funds for better hosting and development work – we thought you might want to know about this…

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2 Responses to CCMixter needs your help

  1. Anuga says:

    Oh man! that site looks like it hasn’t been re:done since the early 90’s…

  2. A Fleeting Speck says:

    I saw that they did not reach their intended goal. What happens now?

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